Mechanic Services 

   Brake pads $20 each side

   Caliper $40 each sise

Brake line $40 and up

Brake rotors $30 each

Full pads,rotors,caliper all 4 $200 push cylinder, spin cylinder $250

Altenator $50 and up

Serpentin Belt $50 and up

Power steering pump $35 and up

O2 sensor $25 and up

Motor mount $30 and up

Starter $50 and up

Valve cover gasket $40 and up

Engine ligth diagnostic $25

Axel $40 and up

Hood $40 and up

Fender $50 and up

Headlight $60 and up for both

Radiator $60 and up

Distributor wires $25 and up

Car Systems 

Radio installation $125 and up

Door spekear $25 and up each

 Full system installation $125 and up with out radio


Shampoo carpet and full inside detailig $65 and up

Engine detailig $50

In and out only car wash $20

Out car wash $10 and up

Tire shine $2

Road assistance and snow services 

Jump start $25 and up depends on distance

Lock out key $40 and up depends on distance

Tow service $40 and up depends on distance